Surrounding streets

Old Street

According to John Stowe’s ‘A Survey of London’, Old Street got its name from the fact that ‘it was the old highway from Aldersgate for the North East parts of England, before Bishopsgate was built’.

Banner Street

Banner Street was created as part of a housing development in 1774 by three brothers, Henry, John and Peter Banner. Henry Banner was an influential man in the property world at the time; he was the City Carpenter (a City of London officer, like the City Surveyor or the City Architect today). All these houses were destroyed by bombing in the Second World War or knocked down after the Wat to be replaced by post-war housing developments.

Roscoe Street

Roscoe Street was so-named to honour a trustee of the Peabody Trust, which was redeveloping this former slum area in the 1880s.

Chequer Street

Chequer Street took its name from the Chequers tavern which had once stood there.