Sunny’s Olive Tree

‘It’s fresh, it’s filling, it’s healthy, and it’s value for money.’

Sunny’s Olive Tree sells vegetarian salad boxes. The vegetables and salads which go into them are all bought fresh at proper fruit and veg markets. They make everything from scratch; none of the salads is pre-prepared. You would struggle to find a fresher, healthier lunch than this.

You can have a regular box (£4.50) or a large box (£5.50). You can more-or-less choose whatever you want to go in your box. (You can add halloumi cheese for an extra £1.00)

Choices change according to what’s best in the markets. But this is a sample:

Greek-style tomato salad, couscous, mixed beans, quinoa, tzatziki, mixed veg, hummus (locally made), stuffed vine leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, rocket and spinach leaves, jalapenos, and olives.

They marinate the olives themselves, adding fresh herbs and spices by hand. They have four types you can choose from: chili and herb, coriander parsley and garlic, basil and garlic, and plain.

Serpil who owns and runs the stall named the business after Sunny, her son. It’s his middle name. She started her business in Leather Lane in 2002 and moved to Whitecross Street in 2007.