The Roast of Sherwood

Whitecross Street Market, EC1Y 8JL |

Most popular choices

Hog roast – a pig roasted for a long l-o-n-g time.

Handmade burgers

Brisket of beef cured in-house

All your choices

The signature meal is hog roast. They’ve been doing that for as long as they’ve been open. They do handmade burgers which they make themselves. They do a beef brisket, handmade and hand-cured. They also do Cajun chicken. Sometimes, they have other offers such as turkey for Thanksgiving (but only if there are a lot of Americans about.)

To get exactly what you want, these are the decisions you need to make.

The meat. Choose your meat: hog roast, Cajun chicken, handmade burger, or beef brisket

What you want to eat it in. A bap, or a wrap, or a salad box and wedges.

The salad. The options are Granny Smiths slaw, mixed salad, pickles and jalapenos, crackling (Thursday and Friday if available)

The sauces. Two stages:
(1) At the bap or wrap stage, they will ask you which of these sauces to line it with: apple sauce, mayo, or wholegrain mustard.
(2) At the end, you choose which of these sauces to have on top: hot chili, sweet chili, siracha, barbecue sauce, burger sauce, ketchup, American mustard.

You also get free stuffing and grilled onions.

They have their own step system to help you go about deciding what to order. (See photo below).

What is a hog roast?

A hog roast is a whole pig being roasted on a spit roast for as long as possible until the meat is juicy and tender. They have a hog roast machine in the stall, and sometimes they might have a whole pig in the machine.

The hog roast machine can also convert into a barbecue and that’s what they use to barbecue their burgers and chickens.

The amazing journey to Whitecross Street

The Galloway family come from a small village near Sherwood Forest. Paul Galloway was first a coal miner. When the mine closed down, he moved to Doncaster, and then Manchester as an engineer at Massey Ferguson, the agricultural machinery makers. Next, he moved to London to work for Lucas Industries as an electrical engineer. While working there, he discovered that a friend was making more money than him working in a slaughterhouse in Guildford, so Paul switched once again. From there he became a Smithfield butcher. Then he started working part-time for a business doing hog roasting. After not long, he found he was doing everything, including the banking, the driving, the buying, and the cooking. He decided he could do it just as well for himself, and so, 13 years ago, Paul took a pitch on Whitecross Street market and The Roast of Sherwood was born.

Apart from the stall on Whitecross Street, they now do festivals, weddings, private parties, and corporate events. They’ve done festivals at Hyde Park, Christmas markets, even BMX rallies. This year they are doing the Peckham Rye dog show.

Now Paul is sailing off into the sunset. No need to panic. It’s only for the weekend – he has a yacht that is slightly longer than Abramovich’s – and he’ll be back for Monday lunch. In any case he has got his son, Lee, working with him. Wife, Julie, also comes to handle the payments. Daughter, Karina, also a chef, occasionally lends a hand. Anyway, Paul isn’t the man to retire – he’s probably still got a couple of career changes in him yet.