Gozleme Works

Close to Waitrose, Whitecross Street, London EC1 | instagram

Most popular choices

Beef sausage and mozzarella wrap, with salads, and chili or garlic sauce (large). £6.00

Halloumi cheese wrap, with salads, and sweet chili or mayonnaise (large). £6.00

Gozleme wraps

This is all traditional Turkish street food. ‘Gozleme’ [goz-lay-may] is a Turkish-style flatbread from the city of Malatya on the Kurdish, south eastern, side of Turkey. The bread is made fresh every morning in the stall. Dough is rolled out into a circle, a filling is put on top, and then the bread is folded in two and baked on a hot stove.

Wraps have one of four types of filling. They are:

Grilled beef sausage and mozarella. £5.00. The sausage is ‘sucuk’ a traditional Turkish sausage. (It is halal.)

Chicken breast. (This is also halal.) £5.00

Spinach and feta (vegetarian) £5.00

Spinach (vegan) £5.00

Every wrap comes with your choice of any or all of these salads: tomatoes, red onion with parsley, lettuce, and red cabbage.

Finally you get to choose your favourite sauce on top: chili, garlic, sweet chili, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

For an extra £1.00 (£6.00 total) you can add both of these:

Grilled beef sausage (sucuk)

Grilled halloumi cheese

Gazi and Emis

The stall is run by Gazi and Emis. (There is a photo of Emis making the gozleme below.) They came to England 32 years ago and they have had the stall here in Whitecross Street for 10 years. Their son Can is also involved.

They came to England from Malatya in Turkey. The street food which they are serving on their stall is a traditional food of that Kurdish region of Turkey.

Gozleme bread being rolled and filled
Cooked Gozleme wraps ready to be turned into wraps for salads and extra fillings