Whitecross Street Market EC1

Customers’ favourite

The meat paella is what Paul and Helen are selling mostly at the moment (£6/£7). Before the pandemic they were making meat, seafood and vegan paellas each day; they hope to return to that as soon as possible.

They have started doing a seafood paella again.

(There is a 10% discount if you are from the Guildhall School in the Barbican.)


These are the main ingredients.
Meat or seafood – or soya/tofu for vegans. All their meat comes from Smithfield butchers. Bomba rice – a special Spanish rice only for paella. (It is like risotto rice but with bigger grains.)
Frito – made of peppers, onions and (gluten-free) chicken stock.

In addition to paellas they sometimes also serve Spanish meatballs.

Paul and Helen

Paul is from Manchester originally; Helen is from London. In his youth Paul worked in a beach resort near Bilbao in the Basque country. When he returned to England he and Helen took a stall Leadenhall market to sell Spanish produce. Then about 15 years ago they moved to Whitecross Street Market to sell Spanish produce and tapas. They soon discovered that the big attraction was their paella, and that is what they almost exclusively sell on their stand nowadays.

They are usually at Whitecross Street Market on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Paella with meat
Spanish meatballs