Nicholas George

Opposite Waitrose | 109 Whitecross Street EC1Y 8JD|

Nicholas George’s shop looks so modern, but in fact they have been here longer than almost any other business in the street – over 30 years.

It’s a family business. More than that, it is a Greek-Cypriot family business. Andrew started the business all those years ago. Then it was taken over by his son. And then various cousins and friends of cousins have joined over the years.

I was asking Sean, the barber you will most often see here at the moment, who is their most long-standing customer. He told me it was probably the architect of the Waitrose and Cooper House development opposite, who still comes here for his haircut. That is customer loyalty for you.

They are traditional barbers for men. They cut hair, for anyone of all ages. (They don’t do wet shaves.)